Harry Styles Has Gone Too Far

Photo: Vevo

A fresh Harry Styles music video is always an auspicious prospect. And though any old one will do, when he features someone whose charm, charisma, and pantsuit-wearing abilities rival his, surely it counts for double good luck.

But only in my most outlandish fantasies did I imagine he’d procure Phoebe Waller-Bridge, of Fleabag fame, as a co-star. The thought of Harry Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge doing a synchronized dance routine while wearing Gucci pantsuits is more than my brain can handle, and yet:

“Treat People With Kindness,” which is filmed in black and white, opens with Styles performing in an old-timey nightclub. He’s eventually joined by Waller-Bridge, who appears to be playing a sort of debonair nightclub executive. The two are dressed in head-to-toe Gucci: tailored blazers over tinsel-threaded argyle sweaters, wide-legged white pants and cummerbunds. Matching cherry-red manicures set the whole thing off.

The result is a video whose vibes are simply too good. And I have to marvel at Styles’s timing; just as he did when he dropped the video for “Watermelon Sugar” — a song “dedicated to touching” — over our socially distanced summer, this one has come at a very good time.

As for Waller-Bridge, this isn’t her first foray into the music video world: She recently directed Phoebe Bridgers’s video for her song “Savior Complex” (starring the singer’s rumored beau, Paul Mescal of Normal People and sexy chain-necklace fame). I can’t imagine her next collaboration can top either of these, but after this, it seems like anything is possible, so here’s to hoping she shows up in Cardi B’s next video.

Harry Styles Has Gone Too Far