Guess What the New Sally Rooney Book Is About

Author Sally Rooney.
Author Sally Rooney. Photo: Richard Saker/Shutterstock

New Sally Rooney alert: This September, we’re finally getting a new book from the breakout Irish author whose two earlier novels — both set in Ireland, both featuring tortured relationships and miscommunications aplenty — were unputdownable. The forthcoming book, titled Beautiful World, Where Are You, will be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

And you’ll never guess what it’s about. According to the New York Times, it’s set in Dublin and centers on four characters (“a novelist named Alice, her best friend Eileen, and their respective love interests, Felix and Simon”), and their attempts to balance their love and work lives. But they’re also, as FSG publisher Mitzi Angel put it to the Times, “contemplating a world in which the future is very uncertain for them — what’s the world of work going to look like, what’s going to happen to the planet, what are the politics we are all living through.”

Sound familiar? Yes, perhaps a little, and we approve. Give us another book with brooding characters who find themselves in complicated romantic relationships, set against the a backdrop of gloomy Ireland in late capitalism. Force us to reexamine how power dynamics play out in our own interpersonal relationships. Make us feel a perplexing cocktail of emotions, prominently featuring emotional anguish and horniness.

One more thrilling detail, from the Times report: Beautiful World, Where Are You is only the first of a two-book deal that Angel acquired from the Wylie Agency, meaning we’ll definitely be getting a fourth new Sally Rooney at some point. While we know nothing about this second book, and FSG declined to offer up any details, we have a rough inkling of its themes.

Guess What the New Sally Rooney Book Is About