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This Nectar Makes Any Moisturizer Feel Like La Mer

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I just want things to be better. And on the day of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inauguration, I finally feel hopeful that things can be better. They can seem better. They can feel better. That’s sort of the idea behind Bloomeffect’s Royal Tulip Nectar. It takes your normal, humdrum moisturizer and makes it a little better, a little more — more moisturizing, more hydrating, and more like you’re wrapping your skin in a warm blanket.

I’ve tried using a regular drugstore moisturizer and then layering the nectar on top. It has an interesting texture, sort of like a jelly, and you slice into it with a very cute tulip-shaped spatula (#oddlysatisfying) that the brand includes with the product. When you apply it to your skin, it turns into a nonsticky, slick oil that makes you look like you have dolphin skin. The morning after using the nectar, my skin feels soft and supple, like fine tofu, which is the kind of feeling I get only after I use pricey moisturizers like La Mer. I feel like I’ve never had a dry, rough pore in my life. The nectar is now one of my favorite winter products — you can use it as a serum before moisturizing, but I prefer to use it at the end of my routine to lock everything in.

Bloomeffect’s Royal Tulip Nectar has a moisturizing glycerin base, hyaluronic acid (along with a ton of other humectants and emollients), vitamin C, and the brand’s proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex, made by extracting antioxidant-rich, collagen-building amino acids from tulip bulbs. It’s fragrance free and cruelty free, and Credo has a nice breakdown explaining every single ingredient in the product. Better is better.

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This Nectar Makes Any Moisturizer Feel Like La Mer