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New York Forever, Baby

Photo: Mister Mort

It’s no secret that New York hasn’t been its wonderful, glamorous, messy self over the past year. In hard times, the city needs support more than ever. Thanks to a new partnership between designer Alex Mill and New York Forever, you can wear a shirt that shows your commitment in more ways than one.

New York Forever is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the resilience of New York City and those who call it home. These unisex T-shirts not only state the obvious (“NY FOREVER”), but come in a variety of fun colors and are available to purchase right now. One hundred percent of the sale proceeds will go to ROAR, an organization providing financial assistance to New York City restaurants and restaurant workers.

New York street-style photographer Mister Mort helped to create the campaign, shooting the T-shirts on various iconic New Yorkers across the different boroughs. From Mobolaji Dawodu, the fashion director of GQ, to Moonlynn Tsai, the owner of Lower East Side Malaysian restaurant Kopitiam, New Yorkers are rallying behind these shirts. I mean, even Andy Cohen has one.

Let this T-shirt be the thing to bring you a little bit of joy on your daily walk through the not-nearly-as-crowded streets. As New York Forever puts it, “We’ve created not just a tee, but wearable pride.” Get one for yourself below.

New York Forever, Baby