School Expels Kids Because of Their Mom’s OnlyFans Account

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Crystal Jackson started an OnlyFans account in 2019 as a way to rekindle things with her husband of 14 years, Chris. Her page was a huge success. In her first month on the site, the Sacramento, California–based mother of three made over $15,000, and now, her “Mrs. Poindexter” page, which she runs with Chris, has over 500,000 followers and nets over $150,000 a month. Recently, though, Jackson has faced backlash over her page from other parents at Sacred Heart Parish school, the Catholic school her children attend. Last weekend, the Jacksons received an email from Sacred Heart saying that their family is not welcome back.

“It’s always been, from day one, you need to leave the school, and that’s actually what they accomplished,” Jackson told NBC affiliate KCRA, referring to the Sacred Heart parents who have been campaigning to get her and her three sons, ages 8, 10, and 12, ejected from the school and the community.

In the school’s email last weekend, the principal cited an interview Jackson gave to U.K. tabloid the Sun earlier in the month, in which she detailed the harassment she was facing from fellow parents who had discovered her page.

“Someone came across my account, and suddenly I had moms from school texting me and leaving voice-mails saying I had to leave the school,” she told the Sun. “Some women from my area actually printed out pictures I posted on my OnlyFans and mailed them to the principal of my children’s school.”

Jackson said she and her family were insulted and called names. “Apparently, it was ‘disturbing, disgusting, horrifying,’ and ‘my children should be kicked out!’”

Before the harassment she faced from the school community, Jackson said her OnlyFans account, which features pinup-style photos and “sexy stories” that play up the image of what she and her husband call “the mom next door,” had been a positive, empowering space for her. “You get this confidence in yourself,” she said. “It’s that confidence that you gain that you’re like … maybe I do feel sexy, or maybe I am sexy.”

“Your apparent quest for high-profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies laid out in our Parent/Student Handbook,” Sacred Heart’s principal wrote in their letter. “We therefore require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

Now Jackson is scrambling to find a school for her three young children and, as she told KCRA, hoping the judgment and harassment from her peers will stop. “I’m still the same Crystal I was, like, two years ago, a year ago, when we had coffee, before you knew this,” she said. “Now you just are judging me.”

School Expels Kids Because of Their Mom’s OnlyFans Account