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Wearable Art

A jacket to hang on your wall.

Photo: Zee Nunes
Photo: Zee Nunes

While some people baked bread during lockdown, the design team at Alexander McQueen was cooking up an artful spring collection. Craftsmanship has always been a tenant of the brand, but in the early months of the pandemic, the process of making and designing clothes became much more intimate and DIY. McQueen’s couturiers dip-dyed gowns at home, cutting them in their kitchens and hanging them to dry in their backyards. These techniques were translated to an artful ready-to-wear collection. Even though the above ombré blazer wasn’t made in quite such a crafty fashion, it still has a delicate personal touch. The colors are soft and bleed into each other naturally. It’s so easy on the eyes, you could even hang it in your living room.

A Blazer So Pretty, You Could Hang It On Your Wall