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Now Your Hair Can Wear Brother Vellies, Too

Photo: Dove

Excellent news for your dry, damaged, and generally stressed-out hair: Brother Vellies and 15 Percent Pledge founder Aurora James has teamed up with Dove to design some supportive and stylish accessories with your struggling strands in mind.

Starting this week, you’ll be able to shop Beauty Retreat, the limited-edition collaboration that pairs three 100 percent silk Brother Vellies accessories with corresponding collections from Dove’s Hair Therapy line, so you can keep your hair protected as one day bleeds into the next. Hair Therapy is the brand’s new hair-care launch, inspired by the high-performance skin care we all seek out for our faces.

If you’re shedding strands or just hit the hair dye a little too hard, there’s the Breakage Remedy Collection, which pairs strengthening products packed with glycerin, lactic acid, and amino acids with a puffy mint scrunchie for a gentle hold that doesn’t exacerbate any preexisting damage. If your hair is as thirsty as you are, there’s the hyaluronic-acid-packed Hydration Spa Collection, which is paired with a cinnamony head scarf to maintain all that moisture post-shower with an easy wash-and-go style. And if you’ve been scratching your head this whole time, consider the Dry Scalp Care Collection, a trio infused with vitamin B3 to soothe your scalp before you rest it upon the corresponding cream silk pillowcase, which is meant to prevent friction and dried-out strands while you dream about snakes and your ex.

You can snag the Dove products anytime you want, but the three accessory collections — Silk Scrunchie + Dove Breakage Remedy Collection ($35), Silk Head Scarf + Dove Hydration Spa Collection ($55), and Silk Pillowcase + Dove Dry Scalp Care Collection ($65) — will only be available for sale on for a limited time, and while supplies last, so hop to it.

Now Your Hair Can Wear Brother Vellies, Too