Well, That Really Doesn’t Look Good for Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer.
Armie Hammer. Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

It appears that Armie Hammer quietly moved out of his family home over the weekend — and that movers may have left a bound-up mannequin in the trash, which, considering the serious abuse allegations against him … doesn’t look great.

An unidentified neighbor told “Page Six” that Hammer moved out of the $5 million Los Angeles home that he shared with ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers “under the cover of night.” According to the neighbor: “Trucks and a gaggle of movers descended on the property, working well after midnight and lit only by flashlights.”

However, despite efforts to be covert, Hammer managed to draw yet another sensational headline in the moving process. Last night, “Page Six” reported that the actor’s movers appeared to have crammed an elaborately rope-bound mannequin into a garbage can outside Hammer’s vacated home, of which there’s photographic evidence.

Leaving a bound female mannequin in the garbage seems like a questionable decision given some of the accusations Hammer’s currently facing. In early January, he made headlines with his alleged lurid Instagram DMs, in which he appeared to express fantasies of cannibalism and rape. The screenshots circulated widely on social media. Then, not longer after, two of his exes leveled serious allegations against him, accusing him of emotional manipulation, coercing them into BDSM practices that pushed their boundaries, and psychological abuse. While Hammer has refused to respond to the on-the-record allegations, he has decried the leaked DMs as “vicious and spurious online attacks.” He has since been dropped by numerous projects, as well as his talent agency.

The photos of the mannequin raise a number of questions — namely … what do the movers know?

Well, That Really Doesn’t Look Good for Armie Hammer