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Prince Harry Is a Newly Minted Start-up Bro

Team, meet your new CIO. Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

It has only been a year since Prince Harry left the ranks of working British royals and joined the world of working millennials, and already, he is pivoting admirably. The pivot to normie was followed in short order by a pivot to video, a pivot to podcasting, and now, a pivot to impact. According to the Wall Street Journal, Prince Harry has chosen Silicon Valley for his “latest foray into business,” accepting the role of Chief Impact Officer at a start-up called BetterUp, a “unicorn employee-coaching and mental-health” firm. Hm. Those sound like words! But what do they mean?

Harry himself told the Journal, in an email, that his goal at his new job would be to “help create impact in people’s lives.” He added that he “want[s] us to move away from the idea that you have to feel broken before reaching out for help.” BetterUp offers personalized career guidance and support, and CEO Alexi Robichaux told the Journal that Harry’s background in mental-health awareness made him an ideal candidate for the “meaningful and meaty” role of CIO.

In his capacity as an “officer of the corporation,” Harry will preside over a “broad array of responsibilities,” per the Journal; responsibilities that include giving “input into initiatives including product strategy decisions and charitable contributions,” plus continued public advocacy “on topics related to mental health.” He will not be a manager but will reportedly attend all-hands meetings and, eventually, make appearances at the company’s open floor-plan offices in San Francisco. The Journal did not make note of Harry’s official first day as a start-up bro, but rumor has it the pivot to tiny ponytail is already complete.

Prince Harry Is a Newly Minted Start-up Bro