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Prince William Says the Royals Are ‘Not a Racist Family’

Prince William.
Prince William Photo: Tim Rooke/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Another member of the royal family has responded to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s incendiary interview with Oprah. Earlier this week, the queen released a strikingly brief statement in response to the interview, noting that she is “saddened” by the couple’s claims — but not necessarily sorry. This morning, during a school visit in East London, a reporter asked Prince William if his family is “racist,” to which Prince William responded with an emphatic no — the royals, he asserted, “are very much not a racist family.”

It is a statement that stands in stark contrast to Meghan and Harry’s characterization of the Palace. During their explosive two-hour interview, the couple made a number of damning allegations, including that, before Archie was born, an unnamed member of the royal family expressed “concerns about how dark [Archie’s] skin would be.” Elsewhere in the conversation, Harry said that his family refused to “acknowledge race was an element” in the way the British media ruthlessly targeted Meghan, despite his insistence — and ample evidence — otherwise. The queen’s statement noted that “the issues raised, particularly those of race, are concerning,” and said that they would be “addressed by the family privately.” However, the statement did not address any of the claims specifically and appeared to dismiss and discredit Meghan and Harry’s account, noting that “some recollections may vary.”

Prince William also shared that he has not spoken to his brother since the Oprah interview, but that he “will do.” And, well, curious how that conversation will go! While Prince Harry stressed that he loves Prince William “to bits” during the tell-all, he also described Prince William as a prisoner “trapped” in the monarchy, and noted that they had gone down “different paths.” Indeed — Prince Harry has stepped back from royal duties and spoken candidly about the difficulties of life at the Palace, whereas Prince William continues to defend the family.

Prince William Says the Royals Are ‘Not a Racist Family’