Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 22

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The sun entered Aries at the end of last week, marking the start of spring: The days will now get longer, and the air will get warmer, and the world will fill with fresh possibility. On Sunday morning of this week, Venus entered Aries, too: Now, the realm of movement and action will seem more beautiful, more fascinating, more irresistible than the realm of feeling. This is a week to feel yourself coming back to life, and coming back into your powers. If you want it, this week will offer you a sense of newness, of potential, of propulsive, forward motion.

Weekly Horoscope Aries


Lately, it’s felt almost as if the world was designed to inconvenience you personally. It’s felt like that your whole life has become a demanding obstacle course, with nowhere to go to relax. It’s hard to be your full self when you’re so preoccupied by dodging traps and jumping hurdles. This week, though, some of the pressures and difficulties will recede, and some of your depleted energy will refill itself. This week, the world can feel like home again — not a landscape of hardships and barriers, but a place of beauty, too. A place where it’s possible to live.

Weekly Horoscope Taurus


It’s impossible to live for long in this world without internalizing, somewhere along the line, some cruel ideas about yourself. The atmosphere is full of poison, and it’s impossible to keep all that poison out. Maybe you’ve been made to believe that you’re weak, that you’re ordinary, that you’re not important. Maybe you’ve been made to believe you don’t deserve the love you want. This week will bring the chance to clear all the dust out of your head, and to believe in yourself with a bright, surprising joy. This week, you can do anything. You can make your life wonderful.

Weekly Horoscope Gemini


It can feel like you’ve been impatient for so long — impatient for the days to grow warm again, for the world to become beautiful again, for life to feel sweet and meaningful and interesting again. This week, your impatience will hum in your heart with a new, fiery urgency; it might feel frustrating, but really it’s a sign that there are still things worth hoping for, worth waiting for, worth yearning for. Everything’s been so bad for so long, but this week, it’s possible to find yourself slowly, magically, falling back in love with the world.

Weekly Horoscope Cancer


In collectively difficult times, it can seem wise to keep your personal feelings tucked carefully away. It can seem distasteful, even dangerous, to express your personal desires. But this week, the rules are changing a little bit. This week, it helps no one to hide your true self away, or to pretend you need nothing, or to make other people guess. Saying what you need won’t make you look selfish or strange or too loud. Right now, speaking directly about your desires and ambitions isn’t a sign of self-centeredness, but of generosity and good faith.

Weekly Horoscope Leo


You’re growing tired of planning everything so carefully, of sustaining such rigid control over the actions and events of your everyday life. This week, you might find yourself feeling uncharacteristically impulsive. You might feel eager to move quickly, no matter where it leads, eager to act on your ideas as soon as you have them. This is a week to be as reckless as you can be. This week, to the extent that it’s possible, let impulses guide you. Let them build some momentum as you get ready to change your life.

Weekly Horoscope Virgo


Sometimes, bold action requires you to give up your normal, thoughtful precision. Sometimes, bold action requires that you risk making real mistakes. But it can be worth it, for the sense of freedom it gives you, for the sense of power over your own life. You don’t have to be perfect in order to be worthy and good. You don’t have to be wholly unimpeachable in order to live a valuable life. You can survive mistakes; you can survive surprises. What’s most important, right now, is to let yourself simply act.

Weekly Horoscope Libra


This is a week for combatting all the petty little feelings — distraction or resentment or discouragement — that try to take hold of you in your quieter moments. This is a week for combatting the belief that you have nothing left to offer, that you’ve become a diminished version of yourself. Everything good in you is still there, and this week, you can remember that. You’re as brave as you’ve ever been, as sharp, as ready. All the strength and assurance you need is still available: All you have to do is call it back to you. All you have to do is use it.

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio


Even though you aren’t afraid of confrontation, open disagreements with the people you love most can still feel like cracks in the foundation of your relationship. Open conflict with the ones you truly care for can seem like a sign of bigger, deeper, unseen problems. This week, though, is a week for letting your conflicts out in the fresh, open air. You don’t have to let every sorrow stagnate inside you or molder underground. Instead, you can say what you mean, what you feel. You can open your curtains and let the sunlight in; you can let directness and honesty work like cleansing magic.

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius


For so long, you’ve kept so many feelings wound so tight inside you. You’ve kept such a firm hold on so much sorrow and anger, lest they swallow you up. This week, though, it’s possible to relax a little. It’s possible to unclench your muscles and loosen your grip. This doesn’t mean that the dark feelings have vanished, only that it’s possible to recover some of your old confidence. Even though the world hasn’t healed yet, you can still accept the sweetness this week offers.

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn


It’s so hard to accept good things when you’ve become convinced you don’t really deserve them, or that others deserve them more. This week, though, questions of who is and isn’t deserving will do you no good. They won’t help you see the world any more clearly, and they won’t help you live a better life. Give yourself permission to enjoy what you can this week — permission to enjoy the sun on your face, to enjoy the feeling of being alive. These small moments of pleasure can give you the strength to keep living, and to make this world better.

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius


It’s easy to get caught up in what doesn’t really matter to you. It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s opinions and other people’s projects, carried by the current of other people’s dreams. This week, though, all that background noise can fade away. This week, you can reconnect with what matters to you. All the watchful eyes of other people will become suddenly insignificant. You’re living your life, and nobody can stop you. You’re brave and important, and nobody has a mind as wild and free as yours.

Weekly Horoscope Pisces


It’s a useful and beautiful thing, to dissolve the false and unnecessary divisions between people. It’s a powerful form of magic to focus not on the ways we’re different from each other, but on the ways that we’re all the same. This week, though, boundaries can be useful. This week, conflict can remind you who you really are. You’re a person among others, but you’re also deeply and magically you. This week, let conflict and difference remind you what you want. Let it remind you that you matter, as a whole person, all your own.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 22