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Amazon Is Opening a Hair Salon

Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

In London, Amazon is opening its first-ever hair salon. Feel free to check the date, but this is not April Fools’–related — it’s real news. In a press release, Amazon explained that the salon will be a brick-and-mortar space in the Spitalsfield area where people can come in, play with the convenient Fire tablets at each chair, and test out hair colors using augmented reality technology. See what you would look like with pink hair before you commit to a six-hour dying experience! Customers can also purchase thousands of hair products, to be shipped home later.

If you have visions of Alexa-enabled robots whizzing around creating reality show-style beach waves or trying to talk you out of an emotionally wrought bang decision, rest assured: Machine learning has not come that far. Elena Lavagni and her team of stylists from the Neville Hair & Beauty Salon are the human experience component of the Amazon salon and will be the ones styling and cutting hair.

The salon is currently open to Amazon employees only and hopes to be open to the public “in coming weeks,” reports the Washington Post. But do you really want the company weighing in on whether you should get curtain bangs? Does Amazon know you better than your trusty hairstylist? Besides, hair salons were one of the businesses hit hardest by the pandemic. Just something to think about.

Amazon Is Opening a Hair Salon