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Fox News Will Take Any Chance to Tell Us How Much They Love Meat

Not Sean Hannity’s meat! Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

If there’s one thing Fox News likes, it’s unnecessary panic. If there are two things they like, it’s unnecessary panic about their meat. Over the weekend, the network’s anchors took it upon themselves to throw a tantrum in response to the (false) claim that Biden’s new climate proposal will ban meat consumption.

The Daily Show compiled the meat freak-out into a one-minute montage, in which a barrage of Fox News anchors tell us to “say good-bye to [our] burgers.” They warn we’ll be limited to just “one burger a month” — the horror!! “The elites will find a way to get that ribeye steak if they want to,” they warn. “For the rest of us, it will be, ‘Let them eat kale.’”

Fortunately for them, and meat lovers everywhere, that claim is false. The Biden administration is not coming to take away your steaks or burgers or big honkin’ piles of loose beef. No one will limit your meat intake, force-feeding you grilled Brussels sprouts while you weep big, beefy tears. We are still free to meat as we please.

On Monday, Fox News anchor John Roberts ultimately issued a retraction for implying that a meat ban is part of Biden’s plan to combat climate change. “That,” Roberts says, “is not the case.” The confusion apparently came after a Daily Mail article conflated Biden’s new climate proposals with a 2020 study about the potential impact of Americans eating less red meat, per CNN.

Again, there is no hidden “ban your meat” agenda in Biden’s pledge to cut U.S. greenhouse-gas emission in half by 2030. Ungird thine meat accordingly.

Fox News Will Take Any Chance to Tell Us They Love Meat