Multiple Suspects Arrested, Charged in Armed Robbery of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

More than two months after two of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs were stolen, and later returned, in an armed robbery that sent her dog walker to the hospital, multiple suspects have been arrested. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced five people have received an array of charges related to the incident. Three suspects have been charged with one count each of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, and second-degree robbery, with the other two suspects charged with one count each of accessory after the fact. Other charges for individual suspects included multiple firearm charges, a count of assault, and a count of receiving stolen property.

According to a Los Angeles Police Department report, the suspects arrested include the woman who returned the dogs to LAPD on February 26, after detectives determined she had ties to the father of one of the suspects charged with attempted murder. She, along with the father, were handed the accessory charges, after police previously said the woman seemed “uninvolved and unassociated” with the incident. But per TMZ, detectives began investigating the woman after she returned the dogs, and police recommended Gaga hold off on the $500,000 reward until the investigation was finished. “Detectives do not believe the suspects were targeting the victim because of the dogs’ owner,” according to the report. “However, evidence suggests the suspects knew the great value of the breed of dogs and was the motivation for the robbery.” The district attorney’s office said the investigation is still open.

Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, reportedly spent over a month in the hospital after being shot in the February 24 robbery. “I continue to love you, Ryan Fischer,” Gaga tweeted after the shooting, calling her dog walker “forever a hero.” The singer was in Rome at the time of the crime, filming her upcoming movie House of Gucci with director Ridley Scott and co-star Adam Driver.

Multiple Suspects Arrested, Charged in Lady Gaga Dog Robbery