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Youn Yuh-jung Didn’t Want to Smell Brad Pitt

Photo: ABC/ABC via Getty Images

What does Brad Pitt smell like? Some people care deeply about the answer to this question. There is a whole corner of the internet dedicated to unveiling what celebrities actually smell like in real life.

But Oscar-winner Youn Yuh-jung is not going to play this game, because if you play stupid games, you get stupid prizes. And she, not Brad Pitt, just won a big non-stupid prize!

Backstage at the Oscars, a journalist asked the lauded actress, “First off, congratulations. This is your first American film, and you win an Oscar. As you just talked about, it was given to you by Brad Pitt. We saw you guys have a conversation backstage. What did you guys talk about? And what did he smell like?”

She answered, while laughing, “I didn’t smell him, I’m not [a] dog.” “I didn’t smell him! Nooooo,” she continues, a little incredulous to the question. Fair enough, Youn Yuh-jung. Plus, if memory serves, Brad Pitt probably doesn’t even know what he smells like (thanks to this legendary, confusing fragrance ad with Chanel).

Youn Yuh-jung Didn’t Want to Smell Brad Pitt