The Rising Publicist Helping to Shape Fashion PR

Photo: Lindsey Okubo

Gia Kuan Consulting is a small PR firm, but with clients like Telfar, Area, and Fear of God, its influence in fashion is outsized. The firm, led by Gia Kuan, has grown to three employees, but its first was Fiona Luo, who’s making a mark in fashion PR. “Working with Gia is the first time that I truly feel like I could have the power to help shape the fashion space. My hope is to make it a more equitable and inexhaustible world,” Luo told the Cut.

Luo says she used to pick out clothes at the department store for her mother in elementary school. She sketched clothing designs in every notebook she could find and consumed every fashion publication she could get her hands on. At the age of 14, she started to seriously consider what her career in fashion would look like and felt that communications could be the right path. “It felt like a happy medium between my creative side and my more practical side,” she said. “I think I chose well!”

We spoke with Luo about Telfar, The Nanny, and how you’ll (almost) never catch her in a flat shoe.

What’s a something from one of your clients that’s especially meaningful to you?
It’s hard not to mention the Telfar bag. It’s truly become an item that transcends its physical form in the sheer amount of cultural significance it holds. I love going literally anywhere and seeing at least one person carrying the Shopping Bag. That’s what it’s really all about.

How do you thank someone for a gift?
With a good cocktail — either purchased or homemade.

What would you never wear?
It’s not “never.” I’m trying to experiment more, but you’ll rarely see me in a flat shoe.

What’s your dream vacation?
At this point, honestly, anywhere, as long as I’m with my family or friends and get to see beautiful things.

What’s a good book on your coffee table right now?
A Martin Margiela book that I bought at the Paris Galliera retrospective in 2018, which is still one of the best fashion exhibitions I’ve seen to date.

Last show you binge-watched?
I’m binging The Nanny right now, which was one of my favorite shows as a child. I totally forgot how much her style influenced me, and honestly, for ’90s American TV, she was a pretty solid female role model.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
No pleasure is guilty! But some of my little pleasures are negronis, eBay window shopping, and good pop music.

Secret to hosting a good party?
A good guest list! And a good gift bag doesn’t hurt either.

What is a trend that you like right now?
The “mainstream-ification” of deconstruction and exaggerated and imbalanced proportions that previously only really lived in avant-garde fashion.

One you don’t understand?
Dressing only in trends. This is your sign to find yourself and build a wardrobe that lasts.

Favorite restaurant in New York?
I can’t pick a single favorite! Some consistent loves have been Raku, Dalongyi Hotpot, Pepe Rosso Social, and Shu Jiao Fu Zhou, the dumpling spot on Eldridge and Broome.

What’s the one thing you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?Noodles. In any form.

Shoes you wear most often?
Right now, it’s probably my Rick Owens Kiss boots.

What are five inanimate objects that bring you joy?

“I have been collecting Rilakkuma items for most of my life, and never in my life have I pulled my credit card out to purchase something so quickly.”

“I wear a bunch of rings on a daily basis and am always looking to add to the lineup. Right now, I have my eye on these, by an Australian jewelry designer.”

“I love a dramatic cat eye look, and this is THE liquid eyeliner everyone needs to get on. It’s super black, has an ultra fine tip, and will stay on perfectly after a long night out. And I’ve put it through many, many tests.”

“This scent was love at first smell. My mother (who is my forever inspo) has always worn very androgynous perfumes, and I’ve also grown to gravitate towards scents that are dark and smokey.”

I am so obsessed with Dipetsa and literally everything that they’re doing. I audibly gasp at every custom look they make. This dress is like sexy, wearable text art.”

The Rising Publicist Helping to Shape Fashion PR