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Victoria Beckham Would ‘Rather Die’ Than Wear Justin Bieber’s Crocs

Honesty is the best policy. Photo: Getty Images

Surely we all know the feeling that follows upon receiving an out-of-the-blue gift, and really wasn’t it nice of this person to think of us and wow we weren’t expecting a present, but oh no, the present is … a problem. Like, say someone leaves a random pet rabbit on your doorstep but you already have cats; or they knit you a sweater oblivious to your screaming wool allergy; or they send you a pair of embellished gardening clogs that offend your discerning sensibilities: Is it ever okay to say “Thanks I hate it?”

Hm. Well. As regards that last example, the answer may be yes, provided you are Victoria Beckham. Justin Bieber recently sent the designer a sample from his apparently very sought-after Drew House x Crocs collab. Beckham’s special-edition Crocs lavender, decorated with puffy cartoon animalsdid not really fit with her posh and un-flashy aesthetic, but seeing as they were a gift, she put the question up for a vote in a now-expired Instagram story. “Will I be wearing lilac crocs?” Beckham asked her followers, 43 percent of whom said “yes!” and 57 percent of whom said “no!”

“Well that was close!” Beckham wrote in a follow-up story, sharing the results of the poll. “I think I’d rather die but thank you anyway @justinbieber.”

Listen, honesty is important; people are always saying this. And sure, maybe this reply is a little cutting, but if Bieber has even noticed it, then he and his dreadlocks are posting through the pain. Anyway, I’m sure similar crocs went out to all kinds of celebs. Personally I hope Cousin Greg got a pair. Something tells me he might actually wear them.

Victoria Beckham Would ‘Rather Die’ Than Wear Lilac Crocs