Who Is This Man Kissing Anya Taylor-Joy?

Anya Taylor-Joy Photo: GC Images

’Tis the season, the horny season, and everywhere the celebs are getting frisky. Their shorts are short, their emails are flirty, and their PDA is … especially public, it feels like? Possibly just because the past year’s makeouts have largely been indoor, keep-it-in-your-own-household affairs and now we are seeing a return to famous-person normalcy; either way, the celebs are mashing faces in unexpected new combinations lately. Take, for example, Anya Taylor-Joy, whom the paps caught kissing Malcom McRae this week.

I know what you are thinking: who? According to the Daily Mail, McRae is a 27-year-old “actor/musician,” seen “pack[ing] on the PDA while walking around the Big Apple” with Taylor-Joy on Monday. Does that clear things up?

Not for me, either. Luckily, the internet never sleeps, and my comrades in blogging are already on the case. According to Elle, McRae has starred in a couple of shorts —Brotherly (2008) and How’dy! (2020) — but mostly makes music as one-half of the band More. To me, More sounds a lot like the Killers. That, at least, is what I am getting from this clip:

You can really hear that shit playing in the background of an O.C. scene, no? Maybe one where the gang goes to the Bait Shop? Anyway, McRae used to work as a paralegal, according to Elle, but now he doesn’t. Now, he has an EP out and is signed with Warner Records. Also, this is his face:

The same face he reportedly put on Anya Taylor-Joy’s face two days ago, and probably a few times since then. No word on how long they’ve been dating, but presumably he was the “partner” Taylor-Joy mentioned in her March interview for Elle’s May cover. Congrats to these two crazy kids!

Who Is This Man Kissing Anya Taylor-Joy?