Please Don’t Let This Be the End of Shirtless Channing Tatum

Bye-bye, pecs. Photo: Scott Garfield/Screen Gems/Courtesy Everett Collection

Renowned hot person Channing Tatum is sick of chiseling his chest and wants to hone his craft. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, the actor/dancer/author/artist said the only reason he looks “like this” is because he’s often unclothed in his movies. Then, in a moment of reflection, he added, “At some point, I have to get better at acting so I don’t have to be naked in all of them.” Okay, fair. But, hear me out — why not both?

I guess I get it. If I was built like one of the Street Sharks, I too would get sick of being introduced by my bod. Before Clarkson welcomed Tatum to the Zoom screen, she told her digital audience they might know the actor from Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, or “possibly that sExY dream you had last night.” To which the audience, each on their own giant dystopian screen, had a knowing little laugh.

Personally, I think Tanning Chato has some fine work in his oeuvre. His role in the 2006 Amanda Bynes vehicle She’s the Man is primo lovable jock. His flip-phone acting? Phenomenal. However, if this means we can look forward to a McConaissance-esque rebirth of Tatum — a Chann-incarnation? — I’m all for it. Put Channing Tatum in a period piece! Give him spooky crimes to solve! Make him do a British accent!

Even if Tatum does choose to reinvent himself, fear not: You’ll probably still be able to find him very shirtless on Instagram.

Please Don’t Let This Be the End of Shirtless Channing Tatum