Diddy Has Entered the Chat

Hello and welcome to Diddy. Thank you so much for joining us. Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may not have given us a performative little kiss yet, but sources insist they are “full-on dating” once again. The discovery that we now live in 2004 mostly thrilled the general public, but there will always be dissenters — in this case, J.Lo’s exes. While A-Rod, her fiancé up until April, reportedly exists in a state of devastated disbelief over the Bennifer bombshell, Diddy seems to have taken a more optimistic route. On Thursday, J.Lo’s primary partner from September 1999 to February 2001 entered the chat with a stunning throwback photo: a paparazzi shot of the former couple looking cozy and holding hands, which he posted to Instagram and captioned simply “#tbt.” Hello and welcome to Diddy. Thank you so much for joining us.

Later, Diddy might have gone even further and shared a second throwback photo from when he and Lopez were together. A recent screenshot from The Shade Room suggests Diddy posted another #tbt showing the couple at the 2000 Grammys with Lopez wearing the infamous green dress. It’s unclear whether he actually posted it — it’s not on his Instagram — or if it’s just wishful thinking from The Shade Room.

As to what Diddy is after here, your guess is as good as mine. Is he trying to wind us all up with a cheeky little joke? Acknowledge and contribute to the Bennifer discourse? Shoot his shot, like, If Ben Affleck could do it, then why not me? Is it a see and a raise to the flirty emails?? Elaboration would absolutely ruin this content, but for me, it feels somehow significant that, at first glance, the post appears to be tagged like a low-key invitation to love. (Incidentally, Diddy’s middle name.) Looking at this whole package, all I can think to say is: Springtime for J.Lo, the exes are in full bloom. Your move, Marc Anthony.

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Diddy Has Entered the Chat