Brave Woman Says She Doesn’t Like Underwear

Emma Thompson enjoying an underwear-free life. Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage

Very sad news for panties today: Actress and horny icon Emma Thompson has revealed she doesn’t like wearing underwear. Thongs, be damned! In a recent interview with British morning show Lorraine, Thompson talked about her costuming as Baroness Von Hellman in the upcoming Cruella movie. When the interviewer asked about the presumably restrictive undergarments she had to wear on-set — a weird question, but sure, okay — Thompson described the underwear as “industrial.” Not a word you want associated with your undergarments!

But Thompson was not done waging a war against underwear, as she went on to say, “I don’t like wearing underwear, full stop. I stopped wearing underwear a long time ago.” Hell yeah, Emma. Underwear is a butt prison, and we will be encaged no longer!

So, how long has Thompson been enjoying life sans underwear? Who knows. But while we were distracted by her glittery hair stars, Thompson was most likely not wearing underwear. While receiving her damehood from Prince William? Also, probably no underwear. While doing her press tour for the movie Late Night? Again, chances are good she was underwear-free.

She went further to comment on underwear as a concept, saying, “It’s not my scene.” What about comfortable underwear? To Thompson, there is no such thing: “I find comfortable underwear uncomfortable.”

Her Cruella co-star Emma Stone was also there for the interview, though her stance on undergarments remains unclear. Underwear could not be reached for comment at this time.

Brave Woman Says She Doesn’t Like Underwear