7 Pairs of Party Pants to Wear This Summer

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

The only pants I’ll be wearing this summer are my party pants. What are party pants? They’re the disco ball of trousers. They are the type of pants that can help you start a conversation or get everyone in the room to look at you, if you’re into that sort of thing. They’re exactly what you need after a year of isolation.

Party pants can be bright and colorful, animal print (moo), or a trippy floral pattern. The overall goal is to make sure you stand out from the rest of the crowd in any situation. Whether you wear them with a basic T-shirt and sneakers or a flirty halter top with a pair of clogs, they will always be the main character of your outfit’s story. Read on for some of our favorites.

The Floral-Print Party Pants

These floral-print flares have a high, elastic waist — ideal if you’re only slowly transitioning out of sweatpants.
Available in sizes XXS - XXXL.

The Party Pants that Check All the Boxes

The colors here are especially nice.
Available in sizes 14 - 28.

The Glowing Party Pants

While these pants don’t literally glow in the dark, the neon-green color will for sure light up the room.
Available in sizes XS - XL.

The Artsy Party Pants

Photo: Fotoempresas Photo Studio S.L. -/

These straight-leg Friendship pants were released in early 2020. They feature a compilation of personal works by some of the brand’s closest friends.
Available in sizes 2- 10.

The “Am I Tripping?” Party Pants

The purple-and-white waves make these good for any day-to-night festivities. Wear them with an oversized hoodie by day and your favorite going-out top by night.
Available in size XS - XL.

 The Party Pants That Tell a Story

Rastah is an artisanal urbanwear brand aiming to reinterpret South Asian heritage and artisanship. Their handwoven khaddar pants are digitally printed with a graffiti-like snake effect for an industrial look.
Available in sizes S - XL.

The Animal-Print Party Pants

Because nothing says “party” like leopard spots.
Available in sizes 24 - 31.

7 Pairs of Party Pants to Wear This Summer