Okay, Bennifer, How About a Little Kiss?

The kiss could look like this one from the set of Jersey Girl (2004). Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

After reports of flirty emails and a romantic trip to Montana, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appear to have further confirmed that, yes, Bennifer is back. Recently, the two were photographed leaving a private residence in Miami together. Lopez was cheesin’ big time. Affleck was spotted smoking on the balcony. The two have a history of letting their relationship play out in the public eye (e.g., kissing at basketball games, butt-touching in music videos) and now that Bennifer is back in the news, it’s officially 2004 again, and I, for one, am going to act accordingly. You can catch me wearing a dress over jeans, busting out my fake-hair scrunchies, watching You Got Served, and begging for this famously unsubtle couple to, pretty please, give us a little kiss.

And reader, that day, the day of the Little Kiss, appears to be inching ever closer. “Page Six” reports that Ben and Jen were spotted dining at the Pendry hotel in West Hollywood on Monday, and guess what? They were getting cozy — “Page Six” has the paparazzi pics to prove it. In one photo, the couple are seen walking with their arms around each other; in another, their fingers appear intertwined; in still another, they can be seen sitting inside an SUV, looking understandably pissed about the deluge of photographers seemingly swarming the car. “At one point,” the tabloid notes, “the ‘On the Floor’ singer even nuzzled her head on the Argo star’s chest.” Ooh la la! But also, not totally surprising, given recent developments.

In early May, a newly single J.Lo (she and Alex Rodriguez announced their split in late April) and Affleck were spotted holding hands and driving around in a car — big high-school energy! Affleck was even seen wearing the watch Lopez gifted him in 2002 for his “Jenny From the Block” music-video cameo. And! A “sweaty source” previously told “Page Six” the pair were seen working out at Anatomy gym in Miami Beach last month. Although that exercise reportedly occurred “separately with different trainers,” Bennifer apparently looked “affectionate” and “very much in love” on their way out the door; ET’s source says they even “shared a kiss in between sets.” “Page Six” took all this as a sign that “Ben Affleck might be giving up his legendary donut-dunkin’ lifestyle for Jennifer Lopez,” which feels hyperbolic — this man runs on Dunkin’.

Anyway, by May 26, Us Weekly’s sources reported that Affleck and Lopez are “full-on dating and very happy together.” And now that they are canoodling in public, it feels like the natural next step is to do a little kiss for the cameras.

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Okay, Bennifer, How About a Little Kiss?