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The Best Beauty Deals for Amazon Prime Day

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Happy Amazon Prime Day to all who observe. Today and tomorrow, the online shopping behemoth will be marking down hundreds of thousands of items, and there are plenty of deals on beauty. Since it’s sort of daunting for the average person to dig through everything to find the gems, we’ve put together a handy guide to the actually good beauty markdowns. Read on for savings on makeup remover, microcurrent tools, dry shampoo, and more.

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This popular pink-capped cleanser can gently remove a full face of makeup sans sink, and it won’t leave behind that unpleasant stripped feeling.

Now’s the time to get your hands on the Instagram famous microcurrent tool that tightens your face in five minutes, no fancy facial appointment needed.

Multiple reviewers swear by this magical water, which is so good it might inspire your coworkers to Slack you about how shiny and soft your hair looks.

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Meghan Markle loves this eyelash conditioning serum, and if you add it to your daily routine, you’ll see why. After a few weeks of regular use, you’ll start waking up to longer and fuller-looking lashes that are living their best life, without wearing coats of mascara.

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Thirsty hair of every texture will find something to love about this highly rated, hydrating leave-in. The non-greasy formula detangles, moisturizes, and does damage control in just a few spritzes.

People un-hyperbologically state that this hair dryer, the most reviewed beauty product on Amazon, is life changing. It’s so good at replicating a professional blowout that it’s gained a cult following in all corners of the internet, from Facebook mom groups all the way to TikTok “For You” pages.

This ultra-slim brow pencil by the “Eyebrow Queen” is beloved for its ability to create believable hairlike strokes, and it has over 15,000 Sephora reviews to prove it.

Klorane Dry Shampoo
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Klorane originally created the first dry shampoo to help new mothers who didn’t have time to shower. It became a staple backstage at fashion shows, and editors started smuggling it back from Paris Fashion Week. Now you can find it everywhere, but this remains one of the best-reviewed dry shampoos out there, with five-star reviews across many sites. This particular one is tinted brown, for dark hair.

The other gold standard for sunscreen is also on sale. Note that the markdown is for the travel-size only, but the sizing is generous.

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Tavi Gevinson is a fan of this face mist. It’s refreshing for the skin, but she also uses it to reset her mind while she’s acting.


This legendary pimple drying lotion (from the same brand) will zap what’s left of your maskne.

This lipstick comes in more than 24 colors and lasts for up to eight hours.

A solid five-star-rated shampoo for maintaining your summer highlights.

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One reviewer said that this is “the lightest, airiest, dewiest, nongreasy, nicest-smelling moisturizer I have ever used.” Close to 2,000 other reviewers agree.

Suki Waterhouse and lots of TikTokers swear by hot rollers over curling irons, proclaiming that it gives a bouncier, more natural wave to hair. This set – plus everything else from BaByliss – is on sale today.

Upgrade your skincare routine with this cute pulsating facial brush that removes dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells.


A flosser with the power of an electric toothbrush, it allows you to brush and floss at the same time. Many dentistsrecommend it, and Jonathan Van Ness likes it, too.

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A rich five-star cleansing balm that gently but thoroughly sweeps all the makeup, dirt, and gunk off your face, without leaving it feeling dry.

If you prefer a mineral sunscreen over a chemical one, this has a silky feel and easily blends in. Those who are sensitive to scent should note that there is a slight fragrance.

You’ll find this in the kit of almost every celebrity hairstylist. Use it to straighten, S-wave, and add shine and sleekness to hair.

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This super-powered toothbrush is one of the biggest gets of Prime Day, at nearly half off. It makes your teeth feel noticeably cleaner and it’s rumored that Beyoncé is a fan.

This is the best-selling toner on Amazon for a reason. You can now get the trusty, refreshing blend of witch hazel, rosewater, and aloe vera at an even more affordable price.

“Dewy dumpling” makeup queen Nam Vo and “Bagsnob” Tina Craig swear by this at-home radiofrequency device to tighten skin. This is a “lightning” deal, so this one goes quick.

This innovative hair mask goes on like a dry shampoo but is anything but — instead of soaking up oil, it distributes a bond-building formula that strengthens hair, does hair-dye damage control, and not only prevents future breakage, but the need to actually get in the shower.

The Best Beauty Deals for Amazon Prime Day