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A Harry Styles Beauty Brand, You Say?

Photo: Anthony Pham via Getty Images

What is a Beautiful Boy without a beauty line to match? It looks like Harry Styles, singer, songwriter, actor, and preeminent boa influencer, is taking the next step in the famous-person life cycle: launching a beauty line.

Twitter fan account Harry Styles Update recently discovered that one “Styles, Harry Edward” has registered a new business under the name “Pleased As Holdings Limited,” with Companies House, the U.K.’s registrar of companies. The nature of said business?: “Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics,” of course. According to documents obtained by US Weekly confirming the filing, Styles is listed as “Director” alongside his longtime colleague Emma Spring, another telling hint that has prompted many to get their hopes up about being able to wear anything by Harry.

Perhaps a fragrance that smells like the Target candle that smells like the Tom Ford fragrance that Harry smells like? Carefully curated nail-polish collections that take all the stress out of art-directing your own Skittles mani? Eyeshadow and blush to pair with fishnets and three-piece suits? Literally anything watermelon-scented, which historically performs well in the beauty world?

Regardless of the specific product types, as the number of music guys with beauty things only continues to grow (e.g., Machine Gun Kelly’s nail polish, Lil Yachty’s nail polish, Travis Barker’s CBD stuff, DJ Khaled’s CBD stuff, and Pharrell’s pretty good skin-care line), it’ll undoubtedly be fun to see Styles’s style thrown into the mix. Whatever it is he does decide to drop, I just hope he’s emotionally prepared for the cacophony of comments asking why it isn’t an album.

A Harry Styles Beauty Brand, You Say?