I Just Want to Dress Like Kim Possible This Summer

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Everett Collection, Getty Images

Back in fourth grade, I used to play Lizzie McGuire’s Outfit Design Game every day after school. The game let you dress a virtual Hilary Duff in combinations of Y2K styles: mix-and-match prints, low-rise pants, platform thong sandals, butterfly accessories. Recently, I realized I’ve been playing the same game as an adult, only this time it’s in online shopping carts. The aesthetic I’m after right now is 2000s-era Disney star.

Lizzie McGuire isn’t my only inspiration. In fact, Kim Possible is probably more of a guiding light, because all I want are cargo pants. Those big pockets feel especially useful for Hot Vaxx Summer — who wants to carry a bag while breaking it down on the dance floor?

With brands like Lisa Says Gah, Paloma Wool, Charlotte Knowles, and Collina Strada inspiring the eccentric Y2K visuals imprinted in my brain, my mission this summer is to channel the ones who wore it best in the early aughts. Read on to see how you can get these iconic Disney characters’ looks.

An Outfit Inspired by Kim Possible

Technically, Kim wears a cropped mock turtleneck, but I like the sparkle on this halter.

Available in sizes S–L.

Offset it with a loose, comfortable pair of cargo pants.

Available in sizes 0–18.

And finish the whole thing with a pair of sleek and sexy heels. While Kim Possible wasn’t saving the world in mules, these will definitely help you conquer any mission you happen to be on.

An Outfit Inspired by Lizzie McGuire

There’s something about mesh that I always gravitate toward. This top is already colorful, but you can make it even brighter by layering it over a bra in a different shade.

Available in sizes XS–L.

Lizzie McGuire was the queen of mixing and matching prints and patterns, all while wearing butterfly clips in her hair. These party pants are perfect for pulling off any Y2K look.

Available in size S and L.

As soon as I found these, I knew they were the ones! Remember how the animated version of Lizzie always wore orange flatforms? These are similar, but the thong style makes them easier to walk around in.

And an Outfit Inspired by Both of Them

This top speaks to both Kim and animated Lizzie. The cropped racerback style is perfect for a day out on the town.

Available in sizes S–3XL.

I know low-rise jeans seem scary after years of high waists, but it’s time to let our belly buttons breathe. I think Kim and Lizzie would approve this message as well.

Available in sizes 26–36.

These bandana-printed clogs are giving me early-2000s school-dance shoe, but why not wear them to brunch next weekend?

While this is certainly not Kim Possible’s utility belt, it still gives me early 2000s mommy vibes — a cute match with a dad jean.

I Just Want to Dress Like Kim Possible This Summer