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Prada for the Sporty Fashion Victim

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

These days, all my time and energy goes to typing frantically about clothes, changing outfits three times a day, and stomping down Broadway (in Brooklyn and Manhattan) like it’s my personal catwalk. But I used to be a person who played so many sports. I’m talking about tennis, soccer, and track and field. I played volleyball and sand volleyball. And now, my athletic past and my fashion-y present can coexist thanks to Prada Outdoor.

Prada Outdoor, according to the brand, is captured in four experiences: “A picnic on the lawn, games on the sand, the cool shade of the trees, and the gleam of the sun on an alpine lodge.” A series of pop-up shops and in-store installations convey these settings: “Garden, Coast, Mountain, and Snow.” Each one has a selection of products suited for the particular environment. For example, the Prada New York Broadway store in Soho currently has the “Coast” setting, complete with sand dunes, rocks, and white-and-blue tents (yes, you can buy an actual Prada tent).

Amid the beachy recreation is Prada’s range of branded gear: surfboards with nylon covers, pool floaties, and frisbees. The sporty thing that spoke to me the most was the Prada-logo-emblazoned beach volleyball, complete with a strappy nylon carry case that could possibly double as a luxurious watermelon holder. Once I get my hands on this $995 volleyball, it’s over for the queers at Jacob Riis.

Photo: Samantha Nandez/

Prada Outdoor will be available at the New York Broadway location until June 20, after which it will travel to Beverly Hills and Miami.

Prada for the Sporty Fashion Victim