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I Want What They Have

:’) Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Oh, to have a partner with whom you can enjoy a comfortable silence, no asking what you are thinking right this second; just a little internal alone time, together — very soothing, no? Salma Hayek and her pet owl, Kering, certainly think so: In addition to drinking fine wines and cuddling up for a little TV before bed, this most unexpected of celebrity couples reportedly likes to meditate together. Personally I think that’s nice, although for some reason, Hayek seems to suspect I won’t believe they actually do this?

“You won’t believe this,” the actor told People. “I do meditate with the owl very, very often.” How often? Near daily — and in her designated meditation room, no less. Hayek elaborated, “The minute I go deep into meditation, she stays super still.”

Really this tracks closely with Hayek’s previous public statements about Kering, whom Hayek bought as a gift for her husband, which he promptly returned to her. She has said that they “share a special bond” and that “she [Kering] sleeps in the room with me,” and that “just being in the same room [with Kering], there’s an energy to it, and it is mesmerizing.” Hayek has also disclosed that the owl will perch either on her iPad or on her head while the pair watch their stories. “Sometimes, when she is really close to me, I can feel her rubbing against me, which is really nice,” Hayek previously told People. “And I feel so blessed.”

Not only do I believe all of this, I borderline envy it: These two could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about! Next thing I know, she’ll be telling me they both love soup. In all seriousness, I want what they have. Congrats to them on finding this unparalleled connection.

I Want What They Have