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TikTok’s Favorite Skinfluencer Is Launching His Own Product Line

Hyram of Skin Care by Hyram applies Selfless by Hyram. Photo: Courtesy of Selfless by Hyram

If it feels like everyone and their mom is launching a skin-care line, it’s because they are. And now TikTok and YouTube skinfluencer Hyram Yarbro is the latest person with an enormous following to put his own products into the world.

Yarbro, known as the “Gen-Z whisperer” with an ingredients-first approach to exploring and explaining skin care — or “that guy who made CeraVe sell outif you’re an old — is teaming up with no-nonsense British skin-care brand Inkey List to launch his own line, full name Selfless by Hyram: Powered by the Inkey List. Set to launch at the end of this month, Selfless by Hyram is described as “effective, gentle skin care that has one mission … to spark social change one product at a time,” according to a press release.

How will making your face more moist make a difference in the world, you ask? The brand says it will be supporting organizations across four key areas — environment, health, education, and empowerment — with the purchase of every product. Selfless by Hyram’s launch will focus on the first two pillars, tackling the climate and water crises in particular through partnerships with the Rainforest Trust and the Thirst Project. The brand also vows to continually hold itself to the Selfless Standard, which means committing to transparent, sustainable ingredient sourcing, proactively reducing carbon-dioxide emissions, using carbon-neutral and fully recyclable packaging, and releasing progress reports for accountability.

WWD reports that the line will launch with five products, each to be revealed one by one on Yarbro’s social-media channels from June 3 to June 19, before the line officially hits Sephora for purchase on June 24. Nothing in the line will cost more than $30, and it’s safe to assume that no products will resemble face scrubs, which Yarbro has proclaimed “in general are just trash.” Excited to hear his candid thoughts on this new line as well.

TikTok’s Favorite Skinfluencer Launches His Own Product Line