These New Beauty Products Will Make You Feel Like A Work of Art

Photo: Retailers

Chanel’s birthday festivities are continuing all summer long. In honor of Chanel No. 5’s 100th anniversary, the brand created a specialty collectors’ line based on the beloved fragrance and hosted a pop-up launch at the Saks Fifth Avenue New York flagship earlier this week. The event included a display in the center’s six windows and a special appearance from the famous TikTok duo @young_emperors. There will also be three immersive in-store installations throughout the flagship, including a CHANEL FACTORY 5 pop-up experience located in the event space on Beauty on 2.

The Factory 5 Collection centers on No. 5 and includes some of Chanel’s most popular items in minimalist black-and-white packaging. Products include perfumes, lotions, bath tablets, and a mystery box (spoiler: it’s the Chanel hand cream and some other hand-care essentials). The packaging is styled to resemble sleek versions of everyday objects like ice-cream cones and water bottles. The Factory 5 shower gel, body lotion, and body cream are all packaged to look like art supplies — so you can leave them on display in your bathroom and have your guests wonder when Chanel began selling oil paints. Or, alternatively, just truly feel like your body is a work of art.

These Beauty Products Will Make You Feel Like a Work of Art