New Sport Alert!!!

It’s called human pictograms. Photo: ANTONIN THUILLIER/AFP via Getty Images

Your attention, please: Hot new sport just dropped! It’s called human pictograms, and it debuted at the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony today. It involves hand puppetry and also cardio, and many people are saying it’s the best part of the Olympics so far.

How to play human pictograms? Admittedly, there is a little equipment involved here: You and two teammates will need streamlined mascot suits, one white, one navy, and one white and navy, but all with spherical foam heads. (Arguably the most important part.) Then, you will move through a few minutes of tight choreography, acting out 50 pictograms for all 33 of the Olympic sports taking place over the next two weeks. You will need some props for this! Including but not limited to a cutout badminton racket and basketball-hoop headband.

Basically, these are the human embodiment of the kinetic pictograms organizers unveiled in February 2020, an update to the little images used at the games to route around language barriers since Tokyo 1964. Bringing them to life was an unexpected choice but also a real winner. Three gold medals for the pictograms, please!

New Sport Alert!!!