Orlando Bloom Thinks His Wives Are the ‘Cutest’

Just three friends Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Generally speaking, I prefer the people I date and have dated to stay far away from one another. I think life is better this way, easier and altogether less annoying, but that’s just me. I am not a freewheeling, laid-back kind of guy, but you know who is? Orlando Bloom.

As has recently come to my attention, his wives — current (Katy Perry) and ex (Miranda Kerr) — are not only friends, they do spon-con together. Yesterday, Perry shared a #wednesdaywellness post to Instagram, which was basically just footage of her and Kerr at a yoga event promoting a face mist from Kerr’s Kora Organics. For Perry, this was the first time she “did yoga since being preggers.” For Kerr, it was a “beautiful day at the beach.” For Bloom, it was … an adorable moment to make a pun. Because above all, this man is corny.

“You guys are the cutest,” he commented under Perry’s post. “I mist all the fun.”

Ha ha! Anyway, for me, the most surprising thing about all of this was remembering that Bloom and Kerr used to be married and, in fact, have a child together?! His name is Flynn and he is 10, if you can believe it. Bloom and Kerr split in 2013, and she has since married the Snapchat guy, with whom she has two more kids. Meanwhile, Bloom presented U.K. plant ambassador Perry with a giant flower engagement ring — Bloom, get it? — on V-Day 2019, and now they have a daughter, Daisy. (Get it?) Meaning everyone has moved on and matured, and surely there is no need for pettiness here. Good for them! At this point, my only unresolved question is: What do you think Kerr and Perry talk about? I have but one humble guess

Orlando Bloom Thinks His Wives Are the ‘Cutest’