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Stud Goggles

Joe Biden could use a pair of these aviator sunglasses.

Photo: Ryan Jenq
Photo: Ryan Jenq

When I see these Saint Laurent sunglasses, I think about Brad Pitt with a buzz cut. He’s not only got the right face for aviators — and just a perfect face in general — but also the right attitude. As the name implies, aviators convey a sense of confidence, specifically the kind that allows you to remain cool and calm under pressure. They’re more practical than flashy, but still a little cocky, which is what partly makes them so attractive.

Joe Biden, of course, would like you to think he invented aviators. He used them on the campaign trail to cultivate an image of the good ol’ American hero. If you ask me, though, which nobody did, I think he could use an update. This pair isn’t trying so hard; they’re just cool.

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Joe Biden Could Use These Aviators