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The Bestest Party Looks of the Week

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

While the party scene in New York was light this post-holiday week, we still spotted a few great outfits. Rihanna proved yet again that she has impeccable style, and photographer Deon Hinton made a tribute to one of the greatest influencers of Y2K fashion. To decide for yourself who was the best dressed this week, scroll below.

Best Skirt

Gezelle Addai at Rachel Zoe’s Curateur Launch at Moby’s East Hampton on July 8. Photo: Getty Images for Curateur

Who says you can’t layer in the summer? Gezelle Addai’s skirt made this one of the top looks of the week.

Best Bucket Hat

Rihanna out in Manhattan on July 8. Photo: GC Images

Rihanna is consistently best dressed no matter where she goes.

Best Two-piece

Jennifer Castillo at the Kenneth & Maria Fishel In Honor Of America private party. Photo: Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

So blue. So summery. A perfect Fourth of July party look.

The One Who Understood the Assignment

Gage Gomez and Deon Hinton at the Gossip Girl launch party on July 7. Photo: Getty Images

We did say we were going to dress like Kim Possible this summer, after all.

Best Accessorizing

Brittney Asja Atkins at the ICONN celebration on July 3. Photo: Getty Images

They say less is more, but Brittney Asja Atkins’s accessorizing is limitless — and great.

Best Sleeves

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel on July 2. Photo: GC Images

We’re not exactly sure if Lady Gaga was going to a party, but it must be somewhere exciting with that top.

The Bestest Party Looks of the Week