Drake Thinks His Next Album Will Get You Pregnant

The face of a man who believes he could get anyone pregnant. Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Drake has famously said he only loves his bed and his mama, but I’d argue that one more thing should be added to that list: Drake loves to remind us that he is horny. He wears “erotic” watches and sells sensual candles with names like “Williamsburg Sleepover.” His latest foray into horny performance art? The cover artwork for his forthcoming album Certified Lover Boy. Gaze upon its pixelated glory:

According to his record label OVO, the official cover of the rapper’s sixth studio album will feature a dozen different pregnant women emojis, each with different shirts and varying skin tones. (A representation win?) As if the title of the album weren’t horny enough, it appears Drake really wanted to drive the point home. The point, I’m assuming, being, “I would like to impregnate you with my music.” Hmm, pass, but thank you for the offer!

Drake has a history of easily meme-ified album art. (I am anxiously awaiting someone to put a tiny Views Drake atop each of the pregnant bumps.) However, this latest cover art is truly in a league of its own. It’s giving me animated Sister Wives vibes. As someone on Twitter aptly pointed out, it’s like the cartoon version of The Game’s 2019 album Born 2 Rap. Honestly, this horde of pregnant emojis seems more like a threat than anything else.

The timing of the album release seems poignant as well. He and Kanye have been feuding over … whatever adult men fight about. Now, Drake’s album is set to drop less than a week after Kanye’s long-awaited Donda was finally available to stream. Regardless, I’m sure you can expect to hear a slew of horny anthems on the album’s release date, Friday, September 3, and we can expect a generation of Drake babies to drop about nine months from then.

Drake Thinks His Next Album Will Get You Pregnant