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Could You Be Fabio’s Next GF?

Your new BF? Photo: Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images

Hello, are you looking for love? Are you interested in men, specifically beefcakes, and are you generally unruffled by bugs? Do you care if your partner goes to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber every night, presumably without you? Most important, do you harbor an enduring appreciation for the sexy grocery-store paperbacks of decades gone by? Well! Then meet your dream date: Fabio! Yes, the model Fabio, of bodice-ripper fame. Per People, the 62-year-old hunk has apparently been single for a minute and is “looking for love.” Be advised, though, he has a few qualifications for his next relationship.

But first, in case kids these days don’t know who Fabio is: a vintage himbo whose glistening pecs and flowing locks made him the face of 1,300-plus romance novels and a butter-substitute product in the ’90s. For context:

Also, there was the time a “ten-to-15-pound goose” hit him in the face as he rode a roller coaster in 1999:

The model, full name Fabio Lanzoni, recently sat down with People for an exclusive interview to talk aging (he allegedly doesn’t do it thanks to the aforementioned hyperbaric chamber), love (he’s looking for it!), and romance, which, if you want that with him, there are a few things you should know. For starters, he is reportedly still hung up on a relationship that ended sometime before 1993, when he appeared on People’s cover as a “single and loving it” bachelor. Though he recently went on a date with someone else, and though he is allegedly very open to dates with other people, he maintains that “when you really love a person, it’s forever.” So there is that!

If you can look past the torch he still carries for his model ex, let’s keep moving down his checklist. He wants a partner who loves to laugh, isn’t too wrapped up in social media, and is “able to be in the middle of nature.” Very important: “She can’t be afraid about bugs.” What else is there? He doesn’t drink or use drugs. He tries to stay away from sugar. He works out a lot, and, per People, “He still has the hair, which can catch any breeze.” He reportedly has a tendency to speak in inspirational quotes — “If you don’t buy into fear, you will see miracles,” he informed his interviewer — and he still wants kids. Come and get it, ladies.

Could You Be Fabio’s Next GF?