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Would You Bring Your Olympic Gold Medal on a Boat?

Kendall Jenner wore Devin Booker’s Olympic gold medal on a boat ride. Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

If I had an Olympic gold medal, I would probably keep it in a designated safe space inside my home. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to show it off to everybody all the time — more that I am a person who loses things, so I can’t just be parading around with my treasures whenever. But if, on the other hand, my boyfriend had an Olympic gold medal and he took it with him everywhere he went, including on our romantic boat ride, I would probably want to wear it just for kicks — the first and possibly only point on which I can relate to Kendall Jenner.

You see, Jenner and Devin Booker, her basketball-guy BF of 1.16 years (did you know?), are on vacation at some lake this week, and Booker appears to have brought his Olympic gold along for the trip. In yesterday’s Instagram slideshow, captioned “LAKE BOi,” Booker featured a photo of the model–slash–oral-hygiene expert lounging on the stern of their speedboat, drinking a beer with the tree line and water spread out behind her, medal resting on her abs. Jenner appears relaxed, rather than racked by anxieties about slipping and accidentally dropping this prized possession into the deep. A high level of trust in this relationship. Good for them.

Booker (of the Phoenix Suns) won his medal on August 7, when Team USA beat France in the basketball final at the Tokyo Olympics. The thrill remains pretty new, which probably explains why Booker took his medal for a boat ride. It’s an unusual and arguably risky choice, but what is life without a little risk? I hope everyone, most especially the medal, had a nice time.

Would You Bring Your Olympic Gold Medal on a Boat?