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Paris Hilton Will Wear 10 Wedding Dresses, So There

“I love outfit changes.” Photo: GC Images

How many wedding dresses is too many wedding dresses? The debate rages on. Many, if not most, people would say one dress will do the job; others prefer one for the ceremony and one for the reception, with an eye toward comfort and spilling. Still others, mostly belonging to the rich-and-famous-person category, scale up for optics. Hailey Bieber, for example, cycled through six wedding looks during her “wedding week,” while Lady Kitty Spencer (a.k.a. Princess Diana’s niece) wore five ball gowns over the course of a single day. Maybe that feels excessive to you, but then you probably aren’t Paris Hilton. Not to be outdone by Britain’s royal-adjacent elites (or even the royals themselves), Hilton plans to wear “probably ten” wedding dresses in the process of marrying fiancé Carter Reum. Currently, she is counting on a “three-day affair,” which works out to an average of just over three dresses per day.

“I love outfit changes,” she shrugged to The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, explaining the choice during her appearance on Wednesday. Though there will be “a lot happening,” the celebrity chef insisted she’s “not a bridezilla at all,” which I have no trouble believing; this is a woman who embarked on her own cooking show without first learning what a blender looks like or what tongs are, which tells me she remains cool under pressure. She also had five parties for her 21st birthday and has wanted at least three wedding celebrations at least since her engagement to a guy named Chris Zylka in 2018. So in this context and this context alone, maybe ten dresses makes sense. I don’t know. If it helps balance things out at all, the groom will reportedly stick to just one outfit because, per Hilton, “He’s not as high-maintenance.” Anyway, the whole thing is being documented on Peacock, so … eat your heart out, world, specifically Lady Kitty Spencer.

Paris Hilton Will Have 10 Wedding Dresses, So There