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Well, Look Who’s Shopping for Toilet Paper

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Last week, Zoë Kravitz debuted her latest masterpiece, a revamped Channing Tatum decked out in vintage T-shirts and baggy skater pants. Since then, the two have been spotted in various BMX-adjacent scenarios that suggest a little bit more than a style mentor-mentee relationship (as do Tatum’s Instagram follows). And now, it appears the final test has begun: a Romantic Trip to Upstate New York™.

The maybe-couple was spotted somewhere north of Queens making the mandatory supermarket-on-the-way-to-a-weekend-upstate pit stop. And their selection of items, at least the ones visible outside of Kravitz’s burlap tote, is wonderfully unglamorous. Toilet paper in bulk? Check. One of those flimsy supermarket tin foil pans for roasting what might be tastefully seasoned chicken for two? Check.

Tatum seems to have taken the assignment a little too seriously by wearing both a Carhartt shirt and pants (oops), but I’m confident in his ability to course correct. Kravitz looks like she dressed with the specific intention of carrying pink flowers, which she of course executed stunningly. The one variable that remains is which color Ligne Roset couch will adorn the chic cabin that awaits them up north.

Well, Look Who’s Shopping for Toilet Paper