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All Tatcha Products Are on Sale Right Now

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Retailers

Tatcha products don’t go on sale too often, but starting September 16, all of the brand’s products are 20 percent off for its friends-and-family sale (excluding sets) with code FF2021. Tatcha is beloved by celebrities including Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian, according to Mario Dedivanovic, her makeup artist. Whether you want to get some super-early holiday shopping done or just treat yourself to a few new products, this sale is a great place to start. Tatcha is also known to leave the skin with an effortless dewy glow, and we could all use some extra luminosity in our skin come fall. Here are some of our favorite products from the sale.

This cream is Tatcha’s latest product and my latest obsession. Once I saw it was a serum in a cream treatment, I was intrigued. The lightweight cream works overnight for soft and radiant skin in the morning. Not a bad way to wake up. An editor friend was recently having severe eczema flare-ups, and once she tried this, her skin improved. The results are almost magical, and as someone who tries a lot of products, that says a lot. —Asia Milia Ware

Makeup has slowly been coming back into our lives, which is exciting, but for a combo-skin girl like me, it means an oily T-zone. Tatcha’s liquid silk canvas primer helps my makeup last longer without making me worry about excess oils. —A.M.W.

The bright-purple mask is blended with vitamin C and AHAs to instantly brighten the skin and improve its texture. Whenever my skin is having a dull week, I turn to it for a quick brightening that lasts. Saweetie also uses it as a part of her skin-care routine, so I guess you’re officially an “icy girl” if this is on your shelf. —A.M.W.

I’m that girl who has to incorporate a sheet mask into my self-care Sunday routine. For a while, I wasn’t seeing many results from using them, and the practice felt pointless. Later I found out I was using the wrong ones. This sheet mask was the one that made me believe in sheet masks again. It’s my holy grail for after air travel, when my skin is often dehydrated. A few minutes with this mask and my skin is dewy. —A.M.W.

Most facial mists are refreshing and fun to spray. I keep coming back to this one in particular because it makes you look glowy instead of just damp. A little also goes a long way — the super-fine sprayer covers your entire face in just a few spritzes. —Erica Smith

This cleanser — containing Tatcha’s signature Japanese rice powder — is so frothy and soft. At the same time, you still get an effective deep clean without feeling like your skin is stripped of all moisture. It makes for a nice canvas for the rest of your skin-care routine. —E.S.

This cream takes my gray, dull tired face and makes it look better instantly. I’ve even put it to the test after all-nighters. It’s also not just all looks; it makes my skin feel better too — softer, less thirsty, and nourished. —Kathleen Hou

For max dewiness, I highly suggest you combine the Dewy Cream with the Dewy Serum. During the pandemic I stayed with my mom, who is a skin-care fanatic, for a few months. Her review after trying this serum was that it was better than La Mer and that I should suggest it to all my friends. Moms know best! —K.H.

All Tatcha Products Are on Sale Right Now