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Seth Rogen Is Really Excited for Fall

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

We as a society have found many ways to channel the flavor of pumpkin spice, but a new option emerged tonight via Seth Rogen’s suit. The ceramicist-slash-comedian wore an orange, brown, and pink suit that feels like a stoner interpretation of this photo. And you know what? It’s … working?

We all know Seth Rogen is funny, nice, and respectful. Also: He collects vintage Gucci ashtrays, which is incredibly chic. If you asked me 24 hours ago whether Seth Rogen could successfully wear the couture incarnation of a pumpkin-spice latte, I would say absolutely. And I would have been right.

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Look at that pumpkin-y jacket! That silky pink shirt and bowtie, which calls to mind the froth one can only find in a fall-themed Starbucks cup. The brown pants, which match the exact shade of a perfectly brewed little espresso shot. Do I … want to drink Seth Rogen? Moving on. Rogen’s tortoiseshell glasses also make him look a little bit like a new professor you develop a crush on at the beginning of the school year, which, again, makes this whole outfit a sartorial ode to fall.

Rogen is busy doing more attractive things in his attractive fall suit tonight, like worrying about how responsible it is to collect so many maskless celebrities in a room with a roof. Before presenting the first award of the night, Rogen announced, “There’s way too many of us in this little room.” He went on to call the Emmys locale a “hermetically-sealed tent” and expressed concern that the presence of chandeliers were being given priority over Eugene Levy’s health. A desire to keep his fellow Canadian national treasure safe? Hot.

Here’s to Seth, his beautiful seasonal dressing, and his regard for public health standards.

Seth Rogen Is Really Excited for Fall