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What’s This Drama About a Scientology Necklace on TikTok?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images, Etsy

Would you care for a little deranged celebrity Mad Libs? Here goes: Frankie Jonas got Charli D’Amelio, Suni Lee, and someone named Lil Huddy to wear a Scientology necklace on TikTok. Sorry, no — that’s actually a real thing that happened. The Jonas brother who’s not a Jonas Brother, known to Gen-Zers as an infamous TikTok prankster with a few formerly famous older siblings, appears to have tricked a bunch of influencers into wearing an enormous Scientology necklace.

Earlier this week, Frankie posted a video to his very popular TikTok account that opened with himself wearing a chain with a huge pendant in the shape of the Scientology symbol, two overlapping triangles with an “S” woven through them. The overlaid text reads, “Wear my scientology chain and pose.” A montage of celebrities wearing the chain and posing ensues, flashing from both D’Amelio sisters to Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee to Lil Huddy (which, again, is a real moniker that TikTok star and alleged boyfriend of Charli uses).

As far as we know, Frankie is not a Scientologist himself, and fans suspect that everyone posing with the necklace had no idea what it symbolized — i.e., a church that’s been alleged to isolate and blackmail its members, harass and threaten its skeptics, and cover up numerous cases of sexual assault. The prank, it appears, was bringing the chain to a party and getting everyone to unwittingly flaunt the symbol of what’s widely seen as a dangerous cult. After a bit of backlash and concern for the well-being of these stars’ PR teams, the video was deleted from Frankie’s account.

For what it’s worth, I would probably not recognize a Scientology necklace if Tom Cruise waved it in front of my face. But no matter. If you happen to be heading to a TikTok-influencer party anytime soon, I might advise you to do some Googling if offered any mysterious jewelry.

What’s This Drama About a Scientology Necklace on TikTok?