17 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo-Illustration: by the Cut; Photos: Getty Images

We’re just a couple weeks out from Halloween, which gives you plenty of time to forget about it entirely and panic on October 30 when you still have no idea what your costume should be. Chances are all the best sexy Bernie Sanders costumes will be sold out by then, and you probably won’t have time to find a tracksuit to dress as a contestant from Squid Game. So, what’s a procrastinating partygoer to do? Fear not, for I come offering inspiration for lazy, last-minute Halloween costumes that don’t rely solely on corny wordplay. One can only be a Freudian slip so many times.

To truly be a lazy and/or last-minute costume, you should be able to recreate it with things you have at home. With that in mind, here are 17 costume ideas that require minimal effort and (hopefully) no last-minute trips to the store.


An Early-’00s Disney Channel Star

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

There is truly no way to do this costume incorrectly. Do you have jeans, a skirt, multiple tank tops, assorted jewelry, some scarves, a belt, a random bag, no shame, and maybe a hat? Wear them all at once, and you too can look like an early-’00s Disney Channel star.


Rihanna at the airport

Photo: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It’s comfy! It’s easy! It’s an excuse to wear sweats on Halloween and call it a costume!


Elizabeth Holmes

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

If you managed to snag a black turtleneck before the Great Turtleneck Shortage of Halloween 2019, you’re already halfway to dressing like the Theranos founder. Complete your look with a low bun, eyes that never blink, and a fake low voice. You could also carry around a Tylenol gel cap and say it’s a nanotainer.


Kacey Musgraves on SNL

Photo: SNL/Youtube

Kacey Musgraves appeared naked on SNL, giving us all a way to wear nothing this Halloween and call it “dressing up.” All you need is an acoustic guitar and cowboy boots. (Nude undergarments optional)


TikToker Emily Mariko

She already has a chokehold on TikTok — might as well let her take over your Halloween, too! To dress like Emily Mariko, wear gym clothes, put your hair in a low pony with a middle part, and carry a Tupperware of leftover salmon — spooky!


Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz

Photo-Illustration: The Cut. Photos: Getty Images

Photo above aside, this is a relatively low-key couple’s costume. Do you and your partner have jeans, a black tank top, a baggy black T-shirt, and sunglasses? Voilà! You are Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum teasing us all around NYC. Plus, you get to ride around on a bike.


A Love Island contestant

This costume works best if you already have a Love Island water bottle, which you absolutely should. Then, wear your most British clubbing outfit — side- and/or under-boob encouraged — and practice saying, “You’re my type on pay-puh, luv.”


Angela Merkel with some birds

Photo: Georg Wendt/dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

A wig would be ideal, but you could recreate this image of Angela Merkel and some birds with any stuffy-looking blazer and some pictures of birds. (Or bird stuffed animals, bird toys, half-assed drawings of birds — get creative with it.) Make sure to scream in every photo!


LuLaRoe rep

Do you have LuLaRoe leggings you’ve shamefully stuffed at the bottom of your dresser? Then, you can dress as one of the scammers from the LuLaRich documentary! You could also wear any dress and leggings combo so long as the patterns are loud and mismatching. Make sure to spend the night asking people, “Hey, hun! Want an easy way to make money from home?”



Lean into the cheug with any combination of the following: a Starbucks cup, something that says “live laugh love,” a Tiffany’s bracelet, Uggs, Mickey Mouse ears, a Rae Dunn mug, tassel earrings, anything with a chevron pattern. If you really want to drive the cheug home, write “CHEUGY” on your wrist (the cheugy-est place to get a tattoo) in that loopy, handwriting style (the cheugy-est font). Also, try to slip the word “adulting” into every sentence.


Zombie Girlboss

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/thebrittharris; lemii_on; liv.milne; pregulapati; malditalimena

The Girlboss is dead, long live the Girlboss. In honor of her #dailygrind, wear your Girlboss-iest outfit — a pantsuit and “the future is female” tee are preferable — and slap on some zombie makeup. Bonus points if you carry around a notebook, tumbler, or tote bag that says something like, “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss.”


Bama Rushee

The dress is Shein, the shoes are Shein, the jewelry is normal. If you and your friends have summery cocktail dresses and can fake an Alabama accent, you’ll look like the most desirable PNMs (potential new members)! Just make some faux sorority pins to stick to your top, and you’ll fit in with the thousands of people who participate in Bama Rush each year — all of whom seemed to be on TikTok this summer.


Westminster Dog Show trainer

Photo: Ben Hider/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Do you have a dog? Do you have any business casual clothes and a pair of sneakers? Are you ready to assume the posture of a dog trainer, run-walking with leash taut? Just slap a fake number on your upper arm, and you and your prize-winning pup are ready to prance around on Halloween.


TikTok Bee Lady

Pay homage to the drama that took over TikTok in early summer and dress as the TikTok Bee Lady, aka Texas Beeworks. If you’ve got jeans, a chambray shirt, and glasses, just draw some cute little bees all over your hands and ta-da! You could ignite a hot debate over the proper way to scoop bees with your hands. This could also be a fairly easy couples costume if your partner puts in a little more effort and dresses as a bee.


Wednesday Addams

An oldie but a goodie! If you’re not sure what to do with that fake shirt collar you got last year, now is it’s time to shine, baby! You’ve probably already got everything else to complete the costume: an A-line black dress, the ability to put your hair in two braids, a look of disdain and malaise.


An Instagram filter

If you prefer your face to do the heavy living, recreate your favorite Instagram filter with makeup. Turn this into an Instagram Influencer costume by simply writing #ad on your cup.


A spooky hot girl

If all else fails, dress hot and put a pumpkin on your head.

17 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas