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Just a Lovely Moment Between Two Adult Men

Al Pacino with a fan (Flavor Flav) Photo: @flavorflavofficial/Instagram

Today’s daily dose of wholesome content is brought to you by the most unlikely of duos: Flavor Flav and Al Pacino. You see, the Scarface actor is one of Flavor Flav’s personal heroes, and the two recently happened to run into each other at a restaurant. The rapper posted a video of the encounter on Instagram, making for what is really just a sweet moment between two adult men. The clip begins with the person behind the camera saying, “Okay, video’s going.” Already incredibly endearing.

Flavor Flav is in full Flavor Flav mode. He’s wearing a bedazzled T-shirt featuring a Funko Pop–esque version of the Joker. He’s got his hat on sideways and is sporting his signature clock necklace. Compared to Pacino’s all-black clothes, he can only be described as visually arresting. After doing a mic check (??), Flavor Flav says, “As far as we know, I’m with my man Al Pacino.” I can’t imagine meeting one of your favorite actors and doing a little rhyme in front of him. But I also can’t imagine being Flavor Flav. So.

“I never took gymnastics, but I’m flipping,” Flavor Flav continues, because he is nothing if not committed to his persona. Also, lest you doubt his admiration of the actor, Flavor Flav did an impression of Scarface’s Tony Montana in the middle of Public Enemy’s “Welcome to the Terrordome.” The man just loves Al Pacino.

Al Pacino, however, definitely does not know who Flavor Flav is. The actor is gracious and nods politely when Flavor Flav says, “I’m with a rap group called Public Enemy.” Then he gives him a hug of respect and/or guilt when Flavor Flav tells him, “I’m in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too.”

Adding to the wholesomeness of it all, Flavor Flav tagged an Al Pacino fan account in the post because that 81-year-old man absolutely does not have Instagram.

Just a Lovely Moment Between Two Adult Men