Kanye Is Apparently Helping Kim Kardashian Prep for SNL?

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Kim Kardashian is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, which comes as a surprise to everyone, but especially Debra Messing. Fortunately for Kardashian, she has someone close to her helping her prepare for the gig. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that person is Kanye West.

An unnamed source told “Page Six” that “Kanye is quietly advising her on her performance, her opening monologue, even her costumes for the show.” Maybe that means she’ll spend the night in the “perfect hoodie” Kanye recently designed with Gap? One can hope!

As you might recall, the last time Kanye was on SNL, he substituted the show’s standard good-byes and good-night hugs for a political rant. He came out in a MAGA hat, saying he was “bullied” backstage for his choice in headwear, and continued talking until he was eventually cut off by cameras. As cast member Kenan Thompson put it, “He voiced his opinion very loudly for a long time.” Kardashian previously said she worried Kanye’s stunt might prevent him from being invited back. I guess she alleviated that fear by inviting him herself.

Now, you may be wondering why Kanye is involved at all since Kardashian filed for divorce at the beginning of this year. A great question! One made more complicated by the fact that the two have recently been spotted together and Kanye has been helping with the KKW Beauty rebrand. Additionally, Kardashian came onstage during the Donda listening party in Chicago this August wearing a wedding dress, and the two are reportedly “rebuilding the foundation” of their relationship.

Perhaps musical guest Halsey can ease the tension with another live-painting performance.

Kanye Is Apparently Helping Kim Kardashian Prep for SNL?