Is Halloween Over Yet?

Mitt Romney as Ted Lasso presents biscuits to buddy Kyrsten Sinema Photo: @MittRomney/Twitter

Paid family leave, crucial climate protections, and now Halloween — a short and probably limited list of things certain senators have set aflame this week. I am looking directly at Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema as I say this, having just seen photo evidence of the couples costume (?) they wore to work today. It appears they dressed up as saccharine soccer coach Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton for Halloween, so I suppose we can throw a popular sitcom onto the fire as well. My apologies, but another cursed collaboration from these bipartisan pals:

Navy jumper, khakis, and furry mustache from Romney; magenta statement sleeves from Sinema. I never thought I’d say this but … bring back the denim vest!

Maybe some readers will look at these pics and think to themselves, Oh, how nice, two legislators from different parties reaching across the aisle to enjoy a box of biscuits. But personally, I am not so sure that Sinema, as a centrist who reveres John McCain, sits that far away from her Republican buddy on the political spectrum — though her position is notoriously hard to read. Romney (whose favorite meat is hot dogs) and Sinema teamed up on a minimum-wage bill after voting against a $15 standard; they seem to hold similar views on taxing corporations and possibly on voting rights. Any apparent ideological overlap aside, though, there’s the pressing issue of the spending bill pending in Congress, which — thanks to Democratic defectors like Sinema — looks poised to pass without paid family leave or sweeping provisions for renewable energy. As good a time for meme-making as any, I guess.

Romney (whose second-favorite meat is hamburger) has been at it all morning, posting jaunty content to Twitter with encouraging captions such as “If you believe in yourself, have clear eyes and full hearts — you can’t lose.” Inspiring, if also the tagline of another beloved show about a different kind of football. Please do not drag Coach Eric Taylor into this, sir. Tami doesn’t deserve it.

Anyway, I think that’s enough Halloween for one year. This holiday is canceled; please direct your complaints to the U.S. Senate.

Is Halloween Over Yet?