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Naturally, Kirsten Dunst’s House Is Upsettingly Tasteful

Photo: Architectural Digest/Youtube

Architectural Digest, home to some of our country’s most deranged celebrity home tours, has kindly provided another peek into the insides of a famous person’s house and mind. Actually, wait. It’s … quite nice in here?

Kirsten Dunst and her interior designer Jane Hallworth, whose bond is so close they literally finish each other’s sentences, gave the magazine a deep-dive on some deeply whimsical details of Dunst’s home, which is so richly storied I suddenly feel embarrassed not to have a backstory for my 2018 Ikea dresser. Even Dakota Johnson, possessor of everyone’s favorite kitchen, had so little to say about her decorative limes that she invented a lie. Not so for Ms. Dunst, who has a little tale to tell about all the objects in the upsettingly tasteful home that she shares with her Texan husband Jesse Plemons. Touring Kirsten’s home via YouTube video feels like cracking open an old fiction anthology about cowboys and French ghosts. Everything is old, but nothing is dusty!

Dunst calls the pieces she’s collected “she,” which is annoying when people do it for ships and cars but intoxicating in this context. Among her treasures are a gilded mirror Dunst’s mother purchased at a French flea market, as well as a door lifted straight from Jackie Onassis’s New York apartment. Also important: a lamp made entirely of crystal ships, which is thematically connected to Dunst’s Olympian biker grandfather and his ship-building side gig.

Other unsettlingly charming details of this home include: a cabinet from one of the oldest castles in Sweden, something called a vintage cowboy bathtub, and a lamp made of popsicle sticks that is shockingly elegant. I urge you to please, put down the pasta dye and curl up with this ranch-y fairytale of a house. You’ll thank me later!

Naturally, Kirsten Dunst’s House Is Upsettingly Tasteful