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Oh My God, These Two

Sir, please! Photo: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron continue to tease those of us who are desperate for Roman Roy and Gerri Kellman to get freaky on Succession. First, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Culkin revealed that their improvised flirting on set in part inspired their characters’ psychosexual romance. Now, the two of them had an exchange on the red carpet for season three of Succession that can only be described as “what dreams and fanfiction are made of.” Please, if you will, spend the next 59 seconds pining after these two:

Are you kidding me with this clip?? There’s Smith-Cameron creeping up behind Culkin, giving him bunny ears and acting very charming. Then, there’s Culkin acknowledging Smith-Cameron’s presence by barely turning around to say, “I can smell you. You think you can sneak up on me with that perfume.” Oh my God, I am sweating. Were someone to look at me the way Kieran Culkin looked at J. Smith-Cameron on the red carpet, I would simply pass away.

Culkin goes on to joke about how “J.’s the best and J.’s the best one on the show and everyone loves J.” Which is all very true, but hold on, Kieran! I have questions! First of all, how dare you? Second, help me?? Most importantly, what does J. Smith-Cameron smell like? Inquiring slime puppies need to know!

I would guess that Smith-Cameron’s character Gerri smells like confidential files and oak. Or maybe amber and family secrets. Roman Roy probably smells like sweat in a way that should be gross but isn’t.

Anyway, back to watching this one-minute clip until Succession’s newest season comes out on Sunday.

Oh My God, These Two