At Least Someone’s Pandemic Fling Worked Out Well

Photo: Arturo Holmes/WireImage

For a while there in 2020, our only source of entertainment was chaotic pandemic-hookup stories: roommate arrangements gone wrong, casual couples forced into 24/7 together time, cross-pod rule violations. It was thrilling! And because stars are just like us, they were doing it too. Except for Succession’s Sarah Snook, who actually found herself in an extremely chill pandemic-induced relationship. Scratch that: a pandemic-induced marriage!

In two new interviews, Snook elaborated on this unbelievably breezy sequence of events, revealing that she recently married a friend she’d been quarantining with. “We’ve been friends since 2014,” she told Vogue Australia. “Lived together, travelled together, always excited to see each other, but totally platonic.” Apparently, they just so happened to finally be single at the time, trapped in an apartment together and … ready to bone.
Roll clip of Snook and her fiancé doing incredibly charming things together, like him making her an aluminum-foil Emmy for last year’s ceremony and her proposing on Halloween. And then in February, Snook threw on a vintage velvet Chloé coat and a pair of Blundstones to marry her friend turned lover in her own Brooklyn backyard. I feel Zenned out just thinking about it.

There’s more! Snook and her now husband, an Australian comedian named Dave Lawson, live somewhere outside Melbourne on a property they share with a family of kangaroos and a “local wombat.” Am I enraged that all this went down while some of us were downloading an app called Sext Bunker? Sure. Am I still happy for this couple and their new kangaroo neighbors? Absolutely. A belated congratulations to Sarah Snook on her impossibly laid-back wedding. Also, congratulations to her husband, who I pray will never have to partake in a round of Boar on the Floor.

At Least Someone’s Pandemic Fling Worked Out Well