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How the Delevingne Sisters Get It Done

Illustration: Lauren Tamaki

The Delevingne sisters, eldest Chloe, middle daughter Poppy, and the youngest, Cara, have dominated many industries between the three of them: fashion, film, music, publishing, and women’s health. But the trio had never embarked on a project together until last year when they launched Della Vite, a sustainably made and vegan Prosecco — their drink of choice, and one well matched to their infectiously bubbly personalities. Beginning a new business endeavor in 2020 obviously came with its challenges, so getting Della Vite in markets outside the U.K. was delayed, but the brand made its U.S. debut this fall, much to their delight. Chloe lives with her husband and children in London, Poppy with her husband in London, and Cara is based in Los Angeles. On a lively four-way conference call, the sisters told the Cut about how they get it done together.

On working together for the first time: 

Cara: It needed to be the right thing, something that we were all equally passionate about and something we all loved. Prosecco is something that always has brought us together, whether at birthdays or weddings, good times or bad, it was always something that connected us to each other.

Poppy: Honestly, it’s been a dream come true. We’ve always wanted to do something together. The fact that we actually have managed to pull it off and get it off the ground—it’s such an achievement, and to do it as sisters is the best thing about it. What’s been really interesting throughout the process [is what we’ve learned about one another]. Like Chloe is exceedingly good when it comes to interviews, and Cara is very creative, but also really interested in numbers. There’s so many different elements that we’re really good at that have been quite surprising in this whole experience, which is quite wonderful to see.

On tackling challenges: 

Chloe: We’ve been really lucky in that we haven’t encountered many challenges, but I would say that we always want to be on the same page. We’re all very different, we all have different views, and we all want to be on the same page with every decision that gets made. This product, it really is our baby and we’re co-founders. So we are part of every single decision making process that happens. Any challenges that we get, making sure that everyone is on the same page, not just us but also every member of our incredible team. I think just staying really on top of it and making sure that we’re all in agreement and everything is probably a challenge.

Poppy: If it’s nighttime here [in London], it’s morning in Los Angeles, so someone at some point has to be drinking alcohol at the wrong time of day. [Laughs.]

On spotting Della Vite in the wild: 

Chloe: I’m always that really embarrassing person where I’m really, really sorry. Can I just have a bottle for a second to take a picture of it. It was a real pinch me moment seeing it served at Annabel’s, a very infamous restaurant in London and an old members club that’s been around since the dawn of time. Something like that is such an honor. It doesn’t just have to be the big places, but it’s just always a pinch me moment just to see Della Vite in any window behind any bar. It’s a really incredible feeling.

On how they unwind: 

Poppy: I like baths. I could sit for like ten hours and get all prune-like. That is the only way I can unwind — watching Friends in the bath with a bottle of Della Vite.

Cara: It depends for me more what it is — if I’m stressed up to the eyeballs it probably means that I need some sort of friend therapy. That’s probably a good time to have a cup of tea or a glass of Prosecco and being able to sit and chat with friends and share whatever is going on. If it’s more of a burnout, I turn off my phone and recharge and take a bath. We’re all kind of bath sluts in our family.

On holiday traditions: 

Poppy: We’re all doing Christmas together this year which is really exciting. We eat a lot. We play a lot of games. Sometimes we wear something matching or an animal inspired onesie. We all get given different jobs of what that we have to bring. So someone is in charge of cheese, someone’s in charge of alcohol, someone is in charge of the turkey. We come together and catch up and reconnect and laugh. We can be in front of the fire and watch Father of the Bride a hundred times.

On making sure Della Vite was vegan and sustainable: 

Poppy: Right from the beginning, it was something that was so important to us. So that was one of our first goals for Della Vite, not only that it was sustainable, but also vegan so that everybody can enjoy it. I don’t know about you guys, I wasn’t aware that wine wasn’t vegan.

Cara: It was a huge factor in how we partnered for the wineries. Biasotto was the one that we landed on. And they were also just as passionate about sustainability. You see the power throughout their winery and the hand picked grapes, the nitrogens used in the wine storage and all these different aspects that we were really passionate about.

Chloe: When it comes to producing wine, you want to make sure that your environment is looked after. And sustainability and being cruelty-free is something that’s important in our lives anyway. So it had to be a big part of our company.

On how their ambitions have changed: 

Cara: I think for all of us and me being the youngest, like now I’m obsessed with interiors. I know that’s not an ambition, but I definitely think priorities do change and you care more about longevity or the future I suppose as well.

Poppy: This is going to sound really nuts but I am really looking forward to not doing anything for a minute.

On advice they’d give to their younger selves: 

Poppy: I would tell my younger self to slow down and savor the moment. I think we spend so much time rushing through life. You turn around, nearly 40, and you haven’t focused on anything. But slow down and breathe.

Chloe: Slow down, breathe, and take your makeup off before bed.

Cara: I still don’t do that!

How the Delevingne Sisters Get It Done